For Us, By Us - Meet the Founder

Sam is a Software Engineer by day and a Mad Natural-Hair-Care Scientist by night! She found her love of making all-natural hair care products after many failed attempts with falsely-advertised brands and losing trust in the industry as it stands. Tending to her own 4C hair has led her to many years of trial and effort, but after much extensive research and quality testing, she found herself in a very empowering space. This space has allowed her to toss out all of her store-bought products and tend to her hair in the comfort of her kitchen with the help of all-natural ingredients. This hair care line is a labor of love for self and our community. 

Keep up with her on Twitter @samcasss


  • Hey Sarah! Thanks for reaching out. I would recommend to you the black soap shampoo and the hemp-infused hair growth oil for the thinning hair and bald spot.

  • Hi! I found you on Twitter!

    I have thin damaged hair. I recently found a little bald spot. What do you recommend?

    Thank you!

    Sarah Valencia

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