Soy Lecithin And All Of Its Hair Care Glory


When it comes to natural hair care, one of the conversations that we don’t have enough of is the emulsion phase of product-making. Most DIY tutorials skip out on this step or leave that part out completely. There are instances where emulsion is very necessary and there are other instances where you can live without it. In this post, I would like to rave about a natural emulsifier that happens to be my favorite and if you read the title, it gets straight to the point!

Soy lecithin is the truth! It is a natural emulsifier and thickener among many purposes it serves, and it forms the bond between water and oil ingredients in a rich and beautiful way. Cetyl alcohol could never! That’s a conversation had in my first blog post...

With the help of soy lecithin, you would never be able to tell that before incorporating this natural ingredient, the mixtures appearance in that of a hair conditioner, for example, once looked like a glob of oil sitting on top of  the water. Luckily, soy lecithin is a natural way to not only solve that problem, but get the nutrients that your hair needs at the same time.

Soy lecithin plays an important role in healthy growth of hair. This thick oil is found in abundance in egg and plant oils, extracted from oil seeds like soybean, sunflower, and canola seeds. It is a fatty substance and phospholipid that is used to break down fat within and surrounding your liver which enhances function of the brain due to the increase in oxygen sent throughout your body. Because it is so vital in protecting our cell membranes, it promotes and stimulates circulation and hence, hair growth. This natural emulsifier allows the water and oil ingredients to bond in such an elegant way to lock in the moisture that you are looking to retain naturally, without the use of harsh chemicals and alcohol. There is not so much of a need to form emulsion in shampoos on the other hand, but it obviously doesn't hurt. For me, personally, I save the emulsions for hair conditioners, detangling sprays/creams, and leave in-conditioners to balance that PH and attract an abundance of moisture back into the hair strands after shampooing.

Soy lecithin in hair care products is particularly beneficial for thin, dry, and brittle hair. It provides the moisture that we often struggle to retain by replenishing our hair with a supple balance of water organically bonded to the oils to enrich our products and lively up our hair for a silky and smooth finish with lots of slip!



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