The Truth About Cetyl Alcohol

So sorry in advance to ruin your day, but there's something that you should know about your hair and skin care products...


Many cosmetic products use cetyl alcohol to cause emulsion, the bonding of water and oil. Many platforms online make constant false claims that it is safe and that it is a plant-based alcohol (alcohol is never plant-based).

-- Cetyl alcohol is what gives your skin and haircare products that creamy white base which causes the water and the oil ingredients to bond. But this is not necessary as there are natural emulsifiers and surfactants, thickeners that are used to bond the water and the oil such as soy oil, egg yolk, cholesterol, lemon, and most ingredients found in mayonnaise.

-- It is also not always necessary to bond the water and the oil, to use an emulsifier, such as, in shampoos. But for conditioning, it’s encouraged and you can do this without alcohol.

-- Cetyl alcohol happens to be an irritant and can cause eczema and psoriasis, among many other skin conditions. It is not good to use, especially on sensitive skin. -- Most cosmetic products use this as the base, if not 3rd most prominent ingredient in your skin. and hair care products. As a result of this, the natural ingredients added to your product are minute compared to the creamy white base that your product encompasses.

-- A lot of these cetyl alcohol based products are sold as natural products at natural hair girl favorite stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. We think we are getting a bang for our buck but there is a reason why these fake natural products are resold for pennies at these store.

-- Cetyl alcohol is abundant in production which is why it is sold for pennies.

More about cetyl alcohol:
"Many dermatologists believe that this ingredient can be irritating for those with sensitive skin. There is some evidence that suggests that cetyl alcohol, along with other synthetic fatty alcohols, have the ability to alter the lipid bilayer of the epidermis and cause allergic dermal reactions. With this information, it is best that those with sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis perform a patch test with any product containing cetyl alcohol."

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